6 Creative Art offerings:


PuppeTeachers Video Program
for pre-K

The PuppeTeachers Vision: This creative video series is Performance Art teaching Visual Arts. Meet the PuppeTeacher friends Arty (he/him), Mo (they/them), and Belle (she/her). Using the values of teamwork, friendship, and community, they work together to teach Art classes for Pre-K students. Each puppet has a different gender identity to help all students to feel included.


Through the use of imaginary friends and the instruction of the magic hands, the puppets encourage asking for help when you can’t do something all by yourself. The Arts provide young learners a meaningful and engaging way to develop social, emotional, and motor skills while simultaneously fostering their physical and cognitive growth.


CCAD Saturday Morning Art 2020

Through structured play, “What’s Your Super?” integrates visual art with performance art to build super personas.  At the end of the course, we will showcase a 45 minute performance of the stories we co-create over 10 weeks. 

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Puppetopia All-Day Art Class

"Puppetopia" is an all-day 6 hour single Class.  Design your puppet Sidekick and create your Super character to be showcased.  Includes lunch and a group show.  

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What's Your Super 6-class Series

"What's Your Super?" is a series of 6-classes (workshops), which build upon each other and include visual art and performance art activities to help your child create their Super Persona.


Gallery Kids Saturday Art

"Gallery Kids" is the Saturday Art program. 

2 hour single Class.  Rotating local Artists and Art Teachers; no 2 classes are the same, Multiple Art mediums used. 

Inky_3D murals public art.jpg

Public Art 3D Murals

"Public Art" is a super 3D sculpture mural painted and built as a collaboration for children and youth to bring their community together through Art.  

The Super Art League is a league of super artists dedicated to community engagement for youth in central Ohio through curiosity, creativity and compassion!  Our goal is to introduce fun and enriching Art subjects that challenge youth to think about themselves, their projects, and their neighborhoods. 

​Through structured play, our educational workshops integrate visual art with performance art to build character.  We believe that focusing on self-confidence and leadership will help children be proud of what makes them super and see and treat others as an extension of themselves.

In response to the reduction in funding for the arts in schools, our workshops and community performances are targeted for youth ages K-12.  Our playful approach transforms spaces into playgrounds of wonder to maximize collaborative learning.

Children will learn teamwork, friendship, and community.

Our goal is to introduce fun and enriching Art subjects that challenge youth to think about themselves, their projects, and their neighborhoods.  This type of thinking builds cognitive skills that contribute to their success: concept development, problem solving, motor development and peer collaboration. 


We make Art accessible to all children regardless of socioeconomic status.

What's Your Super?

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