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Community Art Experience - What's Your Super?


Through structured play, “What’s Your Super?” integrates visual Art with performance Art to build super personas. At the end of the course, we showcase a performance of the stories we co-create over the class series. Each story is a celebration of what makes each of us super. We believe that celebrating what makes each of us super is a way to see and treat others as a super extension of ourselves.

What’s Included

1. Your super is something unique about yourself that you are proud of. The goals of the course are to build your super persona and share it with your community by:
2. Designing a super logo (with cape), super mask and your super sidekick puppet
3. Embodying your super persona through puppetry and improv skits.
4. Storytelling based on the themes of Teamwork, Friendship, and Community.

By the end of the course, students will have explored what teamwork, friendship, and community means through co-creating stories together. Additionally, students will learn how to have stage presence, how to tell a story through improvisation, and basic puppetry skills.

Age Groups: Elementary & Middle School

Cost Option: Request a consultation to design the experience based on the expected outcomes.

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