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Our Experiences

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Our Community Sculptures program is a unique way to bring children together through Art. We facilitate a collaborative project where up to 400 students paint their own mini-mural piece, which is then put together to create a huge sculpture. Each student's creative contribution is represented by a painted piece on the sculpture, making it a truly one-of-a-kind.

Join us in building a sense of
community and connection through Art.

The final sculpture is secured to a roll cart for portability through the school, and can be removed from cart to hang on wall.

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Meet the Team

The Super Art League is a league of super Artists integrating visual art
with performance art to empower youth through

curiosity, creativity, and compassion.

Thank You

We partner with individual Artists, community groups, Arts organizations and specialized educational institutions to accommodate all abilities and
social justice issues. Our community performances galvanize the learning so that collectively we
spread awareness of diversity and inclusion as education for our audience.

James, JJ, and Heidi

Super Art League Staff
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