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Artist Led Teaching - Gallery Kids 3-D Sensory Me


'3-D Sensory Me' is a 5-Activity Art program series made up of iterative classes that involve sensory play, painting wooden pieces, and building with magnetic blocks. The lesson plans build upon each other in sequence. The outcome is to enjoy the various textures and sensory elements of each activity.

The theme of the Artwork is to explore how every day actions of teamwork, friendship and community building are considered Super. The '3-D Sensory Me' final sculpture amplifies what is uniquely Super about each student.

What's Included?

1 - Play with Sticky Foam
2 - Paint Wooden Figure
3 - Paint Wooden Stage
4 - Play with Magnetic Blocks
5 - Assemble “3-D Sensory Me” sculpture
6 - Optional: Class Gallery Show

Students will explore their 'Super Me' through a series of questions focused on every day actions:
1. How are you a good helper? (teamwork focus)
2. How are you a good friend? (friendship focus)
3. What do you like to do in your neighborhood? (community focus)

Age Group: Pre-K/Kindergarten and Complex Needs Students (Elementary/Middle School)

Number of Activities: (5) 1-hour classes

Cost Option:
Super Art League Artist Led In-classroom instruction (Art Totes and Materials provided)

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