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Workbook Series - Rooster Head


This workbook contains 5 sketching and journaling activities to help students design Art projects based upon the main character in the story. The journal entries will help them weave parts of their identities, values, interests, and beliefs into the finished Art pieces so that they see themselves reflected in the main character.

Each activity ends with an opportunity for the student to share their finished Art piece with the class as a way to celebrate their authentic selves, amplify the message of the story with their voice, and co-create a more inclusive classroom experience.

What's Included

1 - Sketching and journal activity
2 - Paint a popsicle stick puppet
3 - Decorate a self portrait mask
4 - Design and build a sock puppet
5 - Paint a portrait of your Rare Bird
6 - Optional: class puppet show

“Rooster Head” is a challenge to appreciate everyone for their differences. To further the challenge for Teachers, “Rooster Head” can be a springboard for an anti-bullying discussion, story telling workshop, and/or an Art project to inspire children to appreciate their classmates.

For Pilgrim Heidi Kambitsch, being a Rare Bird makes you a true Artist!

Age Group: Middle School

Number of Activities: (5) 1-hour classes

Cost Options:
1 - Workbook only
2 - Art Tote including Workbook and Art Materials for all activities
3 - Super Art League Artist Led In-classroom instruction (Art Totes provided)

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