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Summer Experience Beehive

Columbus City Schools

9' x 5' 3D wooden sculpture mural

Nurtured by Queen Bee Dazzle, the Summer Experience beehive is buzzing with excitement!

This Columbus City School Special Education community sculpture is made up of 400 individual wood honeycombs hand painted by the 2021 Summer Experience students and staff. In addition to Queen Bee Dazzle, 13 worker bees also hover over the beehive to represent a learning community of grades K-12.

Painting a sculpture together as a group project supports the Summer Experience Program learning objectives of friendship, teamwork, and community.

To quote Queen Bee Dazzle, “Honey, the sweetness is in the learning!” She is a member of the Super Art League’s cast of community friends. The sculpture is a collaborative effort designed and built by the Super Art League and The Bee Collective.

Community Sculpture

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