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Urban Scrawl

What is Outreach?  What is Urban Scrawl?

Franklinton Arts District is a group of creative and diverse people committed to fostering a vibrant arts community in historic Franklinton by providing bold and innovative opportunities to artists and art enthusiasts.


See more than 50 local artists create live murals at Urban Scrawl #14!

Franklinton Arts District invites you to join in the celebration of art in Franklinton
as Urban Scrawl turns 14 on August 29-30th, 2020 at 400 West Rich. 

Urban Scrawl features the live creation of murals by more than 50 artists from the Columbus area and beyond. Capturing the best of what summer festivals have to offer, you won’t want to miss local food trucks and beverages, DJs and, of course, artists. 

Help support your local arts community, and watch as the murals that will be auctioned at the next spring’s Art for Franklinton fundraiser are created. The proceeds from Urban Scrawl benefit the George Bellows Grant Program which provides arts funding in Franklinton.

What's Your Super?

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