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The Artmobile in partnership with the
Super Art League presents:
The PuppeTeachers Video Program.

This creative video series is Performance Art teaching Visual Arts.

Meet the PuppeTeacher friends - ARTY (he/him), MO (they/them), and BELLE (she/her). Using the values of teamwork, friendship, and community, they work together to teach Art classes for pre-K students. Each puppet has a different gender identity to help all students to feel included.


Through the use of imaginary friends and the instruction of the magic hands, the puppets encourage asking for help when you can’t do something all by yourself. The Arts provide young learners a meaningful and engaging way to develop social, emotional, and motor skills while simultaneously fostering their physical and cognitive growth.


Program Goals: The 20 minute pre-recorded videos are structured to help Pre-K students learn basic Art principles and create Art projects. The class length can vary from 30-60 minutes depending on the discretion of the teacher based on class size and an appropriate pace for the students.

  • The Explore section teaches the basic Art principles through repetition and storytelling.

  • The Make section teaches the students how to make the artwork step by step with prompts to pause the video until all the students are ready continue.

  • The Share section celebrates student achievements by giving them the opportunity to show everyone what they have created.


Program Learning Outcomes: 

  • As Artists, Arty, Mo, and Belle each have specific responsibilities that demonstrate the value of teamwork, friendship, and community while helping students create their artwork.

  • Additionally, each video is fun and interactive with prompts for raising hands to focus attention, reinforcing key learning points by repeating them out loud, and clapping to celebrate achievements.


Program Classes

  • Class 1 – Shapes & Color Matching Game

  • Class 2 – Rolling & Cutting w Playdough Shapes

  • Class 3 – Moving Between the Lines - Drawing Skills

Meet the PuppeTeachers:


ARTY - (Arthur Artholemu Artisan) is the Art Thinker. He helps the students understand what to do through step by step instructions. He also shows students how to take care of the Art supplies and how to use them properly. His imaginary friend is Mr. Bird.

MO - is the Art Storyteller. They help the students use their imagination to bring the artwork to life through storytelling. They also spark curiosity by asking all kinds of questions. Their imaginary friend is Narwhal.

BELLE - is the Art Creative. She helps the students with creativity by explaining the art supplies they will be using. She also explains how color is important to the process. Her imaginary friend is Loona.

The Magic Hands will appear at times for clarity when demonstrating step by step instructions during the “hands on” sections of the video.

Program Elements:

  • Teacher Step-by-step Instructions

  • Art Supplies and Materials

  • Video Link via YouTube

  • Video Projector and/or Laptop (optional)

Must be enrolled to attend. Thank you.

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