Graduation Nov 2017 - January 28, 2018!

Super Kids - Congrats!

"Last night the kids told puppet stories instead of bedtime stories" - parent

"The power of combining puppets & kids' imaginations never ceases to amaze me!"

"These kids were creative with making puppets and courageous on stage"

SuperPersona name CooCoo Kitten introduces: Super Sidekick puppet CooCoo Kitty who helps him cuddle up and take a nap.

CooCoo Kitty from Kittyville

CooCoo Kitten

SuperPersona name Laughing Woof introduces: Super Sidekick puppet Bananas who helps her be funny and laugh.

Bananas from Banana City

Laughing Woof

SuperPersona name Chez Page introduces: Super Sidekick puppet Ethel who helps her bake and write.

Ethel from the First Colony

Chez Page

SuperPersona name Sprocket introduces: Super Sidekick puppet Cosmo who helps him fix anything.

Cosmo from the planet Fixatron


SuperPersona name The V introduces: Super Sidekick puppet Harry who helps him avoid getting a haircut.

Harry from V's Hair (1st street)

The V

SuperPersona name X-Man introduces: Super Sidekick puppet X-Ranger who helps him cut strings that hold him back.

X-Ranger from the planet X


SuperPersona name Itsy Bisty Glitzy introduces: Super Sidekick puppet Diamond who helps her find the brilliant creativity in kids to help them shine!

Diamond from the land of Ruff

Itsy Bitsy Glitzy

SuperPersona name Plucky the Flying Squirrel introduces: Super Sidekick puppet Pistachio who helps her dig for the best in people.

Pistachio from Rascal House

Plucky the Flying Squirrel

Day 2

And the rest is amazing results for creativity, self-confidence and teamwork!

Day 1

What's Your Super?

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