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Meet the Staff:


Heidi Madsen is a performance Artist. Based in Columbus Ohio, Madsen creates awareness of social issues through live performance. As a community leader, she is co-founder and Chief Performance Officer of the Super Art League – a league of super artists integrating visual art and performance art to teach children self-confidence and leadership skills. Artistically, she is focused on integrating creativity with leadership training for children and adults. 


Madsen has a Computer Science Engineering degree from The Ohio State University. Professionally, she works for JPMorgan Chase as a Social Learning Manager in the Chief Technology Office. In her community, Madsen uses performance art as an effective tool to capture her audience’s attention and start meaningful conversations that lead to action. Madsen’s studies in Social Learning Leadership, Clowning, The Art of Hosting and Social Presencing Theatre are the foundation for projects in this community-based work.

Janette Jones-Ball ARTrepreneur/ Staff

Janette Jones Ball (JJ), is a painter and installation Artist using acrylic, ink, oil, water soluble oil, wood, and led lighting to name a few. Raised in Columbus Ohio, she studied at The Columbus College of Art & Design, and recently as a member of the Creative Arts of Women.

As a community leader, she is co-founder and Chief Artistic Officer of the Super Art League. She is a former corporate IT Professional and now monitors, manages, and deploys all aspects of information functionality for the Super Art League.

Janette considers her mother to be her greatest Art mentor. She includes a touch of medium once used by her artist mother, into each composition as inspiration and honor. She also has a son and daughter of her own that are grown, and they have little ones of their own. She loves to be with kids and hopes to enrich the local young neighborhoods with Art while discovering identity, teamwork, friendship, and community.


James Kindler is a mixed media painter and 3D sculptor. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Kindler is also a member of the Artist Wrestling League (AWL). The Super Art League was born from an adaptation of his pilot of the AWL Kids program. Kindler saw the program making a difference, as shy, quiet kids would open up when adopting a fun, amplified persona. He is co-founder and Chief Idea Officer of the Super Art League.


“I coached soccer for 12 years. I don’t remember our win-loss record, but I can tell you how many kids went to college. I taught them life lessons." Kindler sees the Super Art League as a way to teach kids to get up in front of people, to give them some performance skills and confidence while being positive and affirming of their unique traits.

Professionally, Kindler owns a successful commercial and residential renovation and home improvement business.

What's Your Super?

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