Graduation March 2018 - May  20, 2018!

"...brought to tears by the performance acts and the 'nonsense translation acts.. so proud of these kids!"

- parents

"Such laughter and growth.. well done everyone!"

"My daughter was excited to come

to class every single time - she loves it"

Thank you GCAC for our 2018 Individual Artist Resource Grants that helped make this possible! for booking this space!

Super Kids - Congrats!

SuperPersona name Splat Girl introduces: Super Sidekick puppet Art Girl who helps her paint exotic paintings.

Art Girl from Splatopia


SuperPersona name Feather introduces: Super Sidekick puppet Fantasy who helps her give special magic shots of happiness to animals that need help.

Fantasy from Job Planet


SuperPersona name Ripple introduces: Super Sidekick puppet Book Worm who helps her read books with a monocle.

Book Worm from Story Lane


SuperPersona name Sprocket introduces: Super Sidekick puppet Cosmo who helps him fix anything.

Cosmo from the Planet Fixatron


SuperPersona name Itsy Bisty Glitzy introduces: Super Sidekick puppet Diamond who helps her find the brilliant creativity in kids to help them shine!

Diamond from the land of Ruff


SuperPersona name K-Sharp introduces: Super Sidekick puppet Soprano who helps her sing rock opera.

Soprano from Music Square


SuperPersona name King of Garter Snakes introduces: Super Sidekick puppet Super Nova who helps him carry 50 tons of special packages while flying.

Super Nova from Hochacow Island


SuperPersona name Fiona introduces: Super Sidekick puppet Ethel who helps her bake and write.

Ethel from the First Colony


SuperPersona name Plucky the Flying Squirrel introduces: Super Sidekick puppet Pistachio who helps her dig for the best in people.

Pistachio from Rascal House


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What's Your Super?


Workshop 1 - Each Super Kid began with a simple logo sketch of Super Theme Curiosity:

What do I stand for? as you see from left to right below:

The Veterinarian, The Singer, The Author, The Pilot, and The Artist.

What's Your Super Logo

Workshop 2 - Then we created capes and masks  for Super Theme Creativity: What is my identity? to begin finding how to walk on stage and to move across the stage.  

What's Your Super Logo
What's Your Super Logo
What's Your Super Logo walk
Audience of family and friends

Workshop 4 - Self Confidence is the next Super Theme and they did great to find their strength and bring our Super Sidekick puppets to life!

Workshop 3 - The Super Theme Compassion: has us think of what kind of help do I need? and we began to design our Super Sidekick Puppets!

Workshop 5 - The Super Theme of Teamwork was put to the test to learn how to work together with each of our puppet personas and learn the skits for the upcoming final show!

Workshop 6 - INCLUSION is the final Super Theme! How can we include everyone while incorporating all of the other Super Themes? We do a wonderful live performance for our audience of family and friends! This show titled: "Puppets on a Plane!"

What's Your Super?

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