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Community Outreach

What is Outreach?  Why is it important?  Community Outreach is an effort by individuals in an organization or group to connect its ideas or practices to the efforts of other organizations, groups, or the general public.

The Super Art League has a wonderful time speaking with parents about enriching and fun Art programs and available scholarships for classes.

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Ask about our 1-Day Art Programs, Performance Art, and mobile Art to your location.


We partner with individual artists, community groups, arts organizations and specialized educational institutions to accommodate all abilities and social justice issues. Our community performances galvanize the learning so that collectively we spread awareness of diversity and inclusion as education for our audience.

"The kids really enjoyed making masks with the Super Art League. We consider our masks a way to See the Super in everyone!
It was a Super turn-out and a gorgeous day all around."

400 West Rich
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We are pleased to announce that the Super Art League has been awarded: 
2019 George Bellows Grant by the Franklinton Arts District! 
Thank you to the many Urban Scrawl artists and Art for Franklinton patrons for making these funds available, and to the Franklinton Arts District board for their support. 

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What's Your Super?

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