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We are pleased to announce that the Super Art League has been awarded a 2019 George Bellows Grant by the Franklinton Arts District!  Thank you to the many Urban Scrawl artists and Art for Franklinton patrons for making these funds available, and to the Franklinton Arts District board for their support.  #franklintonart  #franklintonartsdistrict  #urbanscrawl # artforfranklinton  #georgebellowsgrant  #superartleague   Register online

Through structured play, our educational workshops integrate visual art with performance art to build character.  We believe that focusing on self-confidence and leadership will help children be proud of what makes them super and see and treat others as an extension of themselves. 

In response to the reduction in funding for the arts in schools, our workshops and community performances are targeted for youth ages K-12.  Our playful approach transforms spaces into playgrounds of wonder to maximize
collaborative learning.

This type of Artistic thinking builds cognitive skills that contribute to their success: concept development, problem solving, motor development and peer collaboration.  We make Art accessible to all children regardless of socioeconomic status.

We partner with individual artists, community groups, arts organizations and specialized educational institutions to accommodate all abilities and social justice issues.  Children will learn teamwork, friendship, and community.


Gallery Kids Class = 2 hrs. in one day, includes snack.  Choose from wide range of subjects and age ranges taught by hand picked local Artists and teachers.  $40 per child.

Puppetopia Creation & Show = 7 hrs. in one day, includes lunch.  Visual Art and teamwork to build friendship with final performance.  Last 30 min. with parents in audience.  $125 per child.

What's Your Super Workshop = 2 hrs. over a Six day series, includes snack.  Visual Art classes build upon each other, must attend all with group puppet performance at end with parents in audience.  $250 per child.

What's Your Super?