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These following activities teach 'Creative Curriculum' concepts for pre-k and youth:

  • Social-Emotional –> Can follow rules and expectations and can sustain positivity while figuring out the art project.

  • Motor-Skills / Physical –> Can use fingers and hands to demonstrate coordination when using scissors and Art tools.

  • Cognitive –> Can think symbolically and engage in sociodramatic play while contemplating which colors to use.

  • Mathematics –> Understands shapes and spatial relationships while matching up which specific Art tool to use next.

  • The Arts –> Can explore visual Arts and create colorful expressions that would otherwise not be expressed.

Clowning Around at Home

The clown nose is the smallest mask in the world.  It doesn't hide you.  It shows the real you. Today we will make our very own clown shoes to help us walk in the world being our real selves.

Candy Hands Cut outs

Read - Whose Hands Are These? by Miranda Paul.

Create a collaborative display of colorful candy and designs in your hand!

Coffee Filter Painting

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most fun ideas.  Coffee filter painting is a great project that your child can do without much help - and you can turn the colorful Art pieces into other projects when the painting is all finished.

Cool Colors Mosaic

Create a framed Mosaic design using tissue paper cut into squares.  Use white and various blue colors.  Hold it up to thelight to see thrugh.

Family Puzzle

Read - Look Where We Live by Scott Ritchie.

Decorate puzzle pieces in the style of George Seurat to represent a part of your community. 

Ohio Comics

Learn about Ohio Artist Jerry Siegel who created Superman and then create your own super character.

Ohio Foods

Discuss some foods and restaurants that Ohio is known for, and then make your own designs of your favorite foods like Jeni’s Ice cream, Dum Dum Lollipops, and Wendy’s Hamburgers!

Paper Bag Puppet

Create your own brown paper bag puppet, reindeer style!  Then play together with your family and friends.

Robot Invention

Learn about printmaking and use art tools and basic printmaking techniques to create your own robot.

Self-Portrait w Mirror

Read - Where I’m From by George Ella Lyons

Draw and decorate self-portraits inspired by Frida Kahlo.

Shine Bright Mobile

We are grateful for our family.  Theme is solar system planets and a bright star.  Thank you for helping me shine bright.

State Flag - My Flag

Learn about i.e., Ohio’s state flag, and then use the flag template and a pole to design a flag of your own. 

Trees and Flowers Collage

Look at i.e., Ohio’s native trees and flowers, and then create your own 3-D apple or buckeye tree landscape. 

What's Your Super?